Albert Robert Christinzio

Albert Robert Christinzio

Born 9/17/1947- Departed this world 2/23/2018

It is said you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps—and Al was in good company—

The oldest child born to Anthony and Marie Cristinzio (and yes-the last name was spelled without an "h"---now that is a whole other story!), he was an excellent athlete (it must be true because he told me that a gazilion times –plus I am putting it down in writing –therefore, it is true—officially).

He attended Kanas State and Temple Universities where he obtained a Bachelor's of Architecture Degree. Always motivated to work, he held a variety of jobs from an early age—like clamming down the shore during the summer, working at his Dad and Uncles Gas station, teaching Karate, bartending and cooking at the VFW, etc. until he found REAL ESTATE. He studied hard, listened to the Masters of the Industry, listened to tapes and honed his craft. He was determined to succeed, and indeed he was very successful. His professional career started at Kingsway and reinke Realty, then he accepted an assistant manager position at S.J. Paparone Realty. From there, he married Denise, they obtained their Broker's licenses, and decided to buy a RE/MAX franchise—an exciting new venture. (Not necessarily in that order.) Al was the recipient of many awards for excellence, and was a respected member of the Real Estate Community until his retirement. He was a devoted father to his daughter Toni and son Michael. The the grandkids arrived—and he was so proud to be called Pop-Pop Keith, Mark, Julia, Jemma and Gianni. He was that crazy uncle to his Brother, Pete and sister-in-law Shelly and Sister, Donna and her husband Jack's Kids and that funney nephew and cousin and Brother-in-law to the rest of the family. To his friends and colleagues—he was a gentleman and a consummate professional. He was also a man of character- and could also be quite a character himself. He had a big, generous heart, and was honored to support a local non- profit Arts program called Mainstage Center for the Arts—an organization dedicated to bringing Arts progrmas to children.

His passport in Hand, he was always ready to fly back to Sandals in Jamaica—he visited many times, the Resort bestowed him the title of "Mayor of Sandals". He loved Sinatra, Reggae, Peanut MnM's. ice cream, Italian food, his little dog Princess and, Me, his wife, Denise. He used to always tell me, "I like me best when I am with you." Ditto My Love.

It is my hope for those who knew Al, that you take a moment and think of him—let a memory in, smile or laugh or be inspired. He was a GOOD MAN and left his world a better place.

Rest well Honey—I will always love you—

As Frank Sinatra would sing "……make it one for my Baby, and one more For the Road"